Happy Monday, fellow Heavy Bloggers! Or, if you’re like me and your football teams both lost, it’s just an OK Monday. But I digress, because today we’ve got something new for you! Over the weekend, I was hit up to premiere a new song, and so today, we’re happy to host a brand spankin’ new track from progressive metal band Austaras off of their debut full length! Head on below to give it a listen, because I can bet you won’t be disappointed, especially if you love bands such as IsisAlcest, or modern Opeth!

Pretty neat stuff, am I right? Apparently the band has been writing and recording this music over the last three years, which sounds daunting. Normally, bands write all the time, but their turnaround is relatively quick. In Austaras’ case, it’s been four years since they released any new music, and their last venture was just an EP. At any rate, I’m happy they finally are going to unleash this beast of a record, because it honestly sounds like a mix of Alcest with some sludge and post-prog stuff. It’s a little proggy as well, and sometimes reminiscent of transition-era Anathema as well. The band is very young and that makes me very happy, because I know they have an extremely bright future ahead of them. The whole album is a little rough around the edges, but overall it’s extremely solid, and is definitely not something you should sleep on. Be sure to pick up the album, titled Prisoner Of Sunlight, when it drops on November 6th on their Bandcamp, and be sure to hit them up on Facebook as well!



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