The relationship between post-rock and electronics has always been one fraught with tension and misunderstanding; too often electronics were either used as a gimmick or as an irrelevant by-note that didn’t really leave an impact on the overall sound. To be sure, the allure of using electronic instruments and sounds on on a post-rock album is substantial: they add a rich sound that is at the same time nostalgic and sometimes goofy. However, when going in that direction, balance and subtlety are key. On that note, allow me to introduce you to I am waiting for you last summer, a post-rock trio that blend their harsher elements with intriguing electronics to create an album that goes many places but stay focused on a common core.

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“Into the Ashes” is the rockiest track on the album: it’s furious guitars are laid over some truly massive electronics that beat and pulse through-out the track. The interesting thing here is how it all works together to create one whole: there’s no “rock” section followed by an electronic drop but rather a complete track that works as a complete unit. The post-rock elements can be found in higher concentration near the end of the track, with irregular drums and dreamy guitars dictating the way for the inevitably rich and Prodigy like electronics.

The rest of the album has many stops: “Today We Escape” takes from Moby, while “Neon Fever” is host to 80’s worship retrowave. But no matter where it takes us, Mirrors understands what it’s about and what balance needs to be struck in order to make electronics and genuine part of its tapestry rather than a schtick or irrelevant mood-breaker.



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