October 11th, 2015, Asbury Park, NJ said goodbye to their seasonal outdoor stage, The Stone Pony Summer Stage, and what better way to close out the season with some hometown heroes? Thank You Scientist opened the show, and if you have never heard of them, it is highly recommended that you do. They’ve been increasing in popularity the last couple years, and rightfully so. If you’re into progressive music with violins, congas, saxophones and trombones, then Thank You Scientist are the band for you! Following was the legendary Glassjaw. Glassjaw has become a household name here on Long Island and in general in the hardcore/punk/post-hardcore scene for years, as they are quite a staple in the genre. Aside from maybe two or three times, they waste no time with performing songs and just go right into one song after another. Finally, the aforementioned hometown heroes closing out the Summer Stage, Coheed and Cambria. Their shows are honestly very special in the sense that they have such a dedicated and loyal fanbase, and it’s just nothing but good vibes all around. Definitely a must-see band for everyone. Enjoy the pictures below!

Thank You Scientist


Coheed and Cambria

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