I know, I know, what’s up with that artwork? Well, Eternal Excaliver are a Japanese power/melodic death metal band, and they’re AWESOME. Do you like over-the-top power metal a la Dragonforce? Japanese power/shred metal in the vein of Galneryus? Perhaps sprinkled with some melodic death metal? Then Eternal Excaliver is just for you.

Formed by members of another Japanese band named Phantom Excaliver, which are also worth checking out (here you go),  Eternal Excaliver take that band’s sound to the next level. The band has the tried and true extreme power metal formula going, with fast double bass or blast beats accentuated by tight rhythm guitars that play fast palm muted chords or straight up melodeath-style riffs. Neoclassical shred leads that are a trademark of Japanese power metal accentuate the sound, and the instrumental package is completed by the addition of keyboards to achieve the full “epic” sound that most power metal bands desire.


Vocally, the band has two vocalists. One screamer who usually does the verses, and Matsu from Phantom Excaliver who plays guitar and does the singing. The singing voice goes from chants, to the power metal staple of falsettos, but mostly it’s similar to their fellow countrymen Linked Horizon.

Every track on this album is a blast to listen to (pun intended), as it’s pure power metal joy mixed with solid oldschool Gothenburg-esque riffing. Their album 「宿命 〜ETERNAL BATTLESHIP〜」came out in Japan on the 14th of August, and you can import it if you’re so inclined (I haven’t been able to find a site that ships it outside Japan so far), but I’ll keep in touch with the artist to find legal ways to get the album to Western fans, and we’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, you can peruse YouTube and its ilk to get a taste for the album.



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