Post-rock and post-metal have always been some of the most emotionally driven types of music, whether instrumental or with vocals and I love both genres to death. Caspian, Isis, Pelican, Rosetta, etc are masters at their craft and you know good and well that is undeniable. Same goes for the Dallas, Texas trio Glasir, whose three albums pack an emotional punch that’s going to hit you in the face whether you’re ready for it or not. Their most recent release, titled Unborn, is a three track album that will make you express emotions that you never even knew existed within you, and it’s guaranteed you’ll love every minute of it.

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The first track off of Unborn, titled “Precipice”, starts the album off with a slow, chilling ambient guitar piece, building up alongside the kick drum to an explosion of emotion. Picture Caspian’s Gone In Bloom And Bough but much darker, in the most beautiful way. Although the album is called Unborn, the buildup in “Precipice” gives every emotion within the listener a chance of life, and it’s a feeling like no other. Musically, the experience fits the names above perfectly: all the elements of that specific type of post-metal/rock are present. However, the emotional range seems to be much wider, covering landscapes explored by Pianos Become the Teeth or Converge.

Long story short, this is classic Heavy Blog material: it hits hard on both the ears and the heart, blending sincerity, musical expertise and intelligence. Glasir is one of those bands that creep up on you; you never knew you needed it but you did. Time to dig in.


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A recent graduate of Nassau Community College with an associates degree in liberal arts, Mark is currently a freelance photographer in the Long Island/New York City area (but travels frequently, especially if the job is worth it), and is constantly churning out riffs with his grindcore band, Blame God (who’s even playing with NAILS in March 2017). Aside from that, he is constantly searching for new bands to check out and attending/photographing shows.

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  1. Nathan Hyatt

    Just saw them last month in Oakland on their tour; they were awesome! They are very young, so I’m not surprised they’ve grown a lot in the last year. But they really do kick ass live now.


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