Raum Kingdom is a very eclectic band. As listed on their Facebook, their influences range from Tool to Acid Bath and Amenra, and if you know all those band, you can understand how they are so diverse. Raum Kingdom has taken their influences and been able to mesh them together in order to create a very fulfilling listening experience, and their new split with All We Expected is absolutely phenomenal. Today, the band have chosen us to host one of their songs off of the split, entitled “Grace.” Check it out below!

You can definitely hear the range of influences throughout the song, and it’s very clear that the band are ok with wearing their influences, because they still find a way to make it unique. It’s one long journey through epic waters, and at times you get the feeling the song is the proverbial killer dragging a body behind it at a snail’s pace. The vocals are also very interesting, because there’s definitely influence from Tool, but not enough to be overpowering. As I said before, the split is all heavy all around, and of the four tracks, this one might be my favorite alongside All We Expected’s track ‘Flood’. You can pick up the full split September 14th, so make sure to head over to the bands’ respective Facebook pages (here is All We Expected‘s page) and support the bands!



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