Brian Shields Tour Fund Update [8/1/15]: Voting On Bands, Merch, More!

Hi, everyone! Sorry we’ve been kinda quiet. Between the boys in Wings Denied setting up their Proggest August tour with Native Construct and Outrun the Sunlight (which starts soon!

8 years ago

Hi, everyone! Sorry we’ve been kinda quiet. Between the boys in Wings Denied setting up their Proggest August tour with Native Construct and Outrun the Sunlight (which starts soon!) and me being swamped with freelance work unrelated to Heavy Blog, we just haven’t had time to make a peep.

But we’re here! Below the cut, we have a small update on merch as we’ve received a few emails, but more importantly, we have the opportunity for you to vote for which bands we’re gonna send on tour!

MERCH UPDATE: We received a few messages that people have not yet received their items from The Contortionist. We’ve been in touch with the band and they apologize for being so busy. I saw the boys on Thursday and they’ve been on tour for roughly three to four consecutive weeks already, so they’re exhausted. They have a day off on Monday, so they promised they’d get to a post office and send off your items.



We ran a little longer than we had intended, hoping to get more bands to sign up so that we could sort through them among our committee. Honestly, everyone is a little disappointed by the lack of submissions, but we understand that this is uncharted waters for so many people, including us. To my knowledge, this is the only fund of its kind aside from labels themselves, but please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

We have three excellent bands for you to choose from! Their music is linked below with the final slot saved for voting! We’ve set up another Google Doc (which is a nice and easy multiple choice) where you will choose two of the three bands you’d like to see receive the money and go on tour!

Here are your bands!

Abhorrent Deformity

From Kings Mountain, NC, this brutal death/slam band is ready to rip stages across the country!
Here’s the description from the band themselves:

Abhorrent Deformity formed in 2013, quickly put out our now out of print demo in 2014. It help gained the attention of legendary brutal death metal label “Comatose Music” (Pathology, Dehumanzied, Devourment.) Since the label announcement, the band has played a string of one off dates, while writing for our debut LP to be recorded June 21st-July 31st with Soundlab (Nile) and Newland Studios (Invoker, Beyond the Shore) – LP due out Nov 15. Once the recording is done, we are looking to play more festivals and small string of tours. We are currently booked for an NC fest in July and NY Deathfest.

Check out their song from 2014 “Entity of Malevolence!”


Hailing from Pittsburgh, CA, this progressive death metal band started off as a one-man project and expanded into something greater!
Here’s the description from the band:

Originally formed by Michael as one man project in June 2010 until original drummer Joey Banducci joined on drums as well as original bassist Josh Sumpter. In February 2011 the band had just recorded their first demo Biohazard, which contained 3 original songs and a cover of Sepultura’s ‘Troops of Doom’. Clayton Cagle of Apothesary was also apart of the band in late 2010 as Lead Guitar, he played on Biohazard and also played Hemotoxin’s first show (February 11 2011 Red House), but was released mid 2011. Through most of the year Hemotoxin continued as a 3 piece (Michael, Josh and Joey). During this time (June 2011) the band released their second demo “Walls that Divide’. For a brief period of time Jimmy Hill of Necrosin joined on lead guitar, but later departed to pursue Necrosin. In November of 2011 Joey quit the band and was soon after replaced by current drummer Brandon Wilcox (Brandon also played in their first band together Aeon of Death years prior). At the same time Hunter Farrand (a young guitar player from Lafayette, CA.) contacted the band for a try out, after two try outs the band welcomed Hunter as the new lead guitar player. In December 2011 the band recorded their first EP ‘Divinity in Torture’ the band hand pressed every copy of “Divinity in Torture’ and was released February 2012. That year band saw much success with landing a spot on Slaughter by the Water 3 and played a bicycle powered stage, stationary bikes were used to power a generator that powered the entire stage. At the festival Hemotoxin met Scott Fuller (Abysmal Dawn/Annihilated/Ex-Havok) who would produce their first full length album “Between Forever… and the End” in December 2012. The album was recorded in 5 days, and was released February 11 2013 (The two year anniversary of the band’s first show). Through out the year Hemotoxin found success with the release of the album, but in September 2013 long time friend and bassist Josh Sumpter was released from the band,and two months later Hunter Farrand quit. The band had songs put together for a new EP which Brandon and Michael wrote most of through late 2013. For a short time Allan Islas joined on bass and played two shows before quitting. In December 2013 Hemotoxin had recruited both current Lead guitarist and bassist Michael Rohwer and Nathan Fruth. Shortly after Hemotoxin recorded the EP Alchemist and was released April 10 2014. Since the band has played all over California and continue to spread their music anywhere and everywhere. The band is currently writing for a new full length album set for release in summer 2015.

Check out their EP in full, available at the Pay What You Want price point!

[bandcamp width=350 height=470 album=952982341 size=large bgcol=333333 linkcol=ffffff tracklist=false]

From Another Planet

Lastly, From Another Planet from Chillicothe, OH are ready to storm North America with their own brand of progressive metal.
Here’s the description of the band:

From Another Planet is a progressive metal band based in central Ohio. Founded by Jesse Mitten (drums), Marcus White (bass) and Nick Davisson (guitar) in 2009, the trio already had substantial experience creating and performing music together, beginning with after-school jam sessions dating back to their junior high days. With the addition of Shayne DePugh (guitar) in 2010, the band released their debut EP, Believe, recorded/mixed/mastered by acclaimed producer Nick Ingram. In 2014 the band welcomed Michael Leone (vocals) to form their current lineup: a collection of passionate musicians hellbent on becoming masters of their craft. The past year and a half has seen the band evolve significantly as they trailblazed through the midwest performing brand new material for both old and and newly converted fans alike. The debut full length, An Ever-changing Perspective, is out NOW and the band has put together an extensive touring schedule in support of the record.

You can check out their new album An Ever-Changing Perspective on Bandcamp below!

[bandcamp width=350 height=470 album=1241262018 size=large bgcol=333333 linkcol=2ebd35 tracklist=false]

Remember, you can ONLY CHOOSE TWO BANDS to receive funds. With that in mind, here is the submission form. Listen to the music above, think carefully, click two boxes, and submit!


Thank you for being with us on this incredible journey! For full details about the fund, please visit our last post about submitting your band.

-KG, ZD, Heavy Blog, & Wings Denied

Kyle Gaddo

Published 8 years ago