This post would have gone up yesterday had I not been writhing in fits of toe curling ecstasy, eyes rolling back in my head as I reached sweet, melodic death metal completion. Kleenex’d and straight faced, I can now present to you, my lovely Heavy darlings, the latest track released from the seventh record from The Black Dahlia Murder. “Receipt” is streaming at Revolver but if you pop over the jump, you’ll find what this Dahlia die-hard has to contribute to the discussion.

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We’d already made a mess of our collective shorts over “Vlad, Son Of The Dragon” and now, hand those tissues back over because “Receipt” is sick, super fast and so very good. Creepy string intro into thunderous riff/blast combo is a time tested Black Dahlia signature move because it works. This is a really fast song too, “Vlad..” was pretty quick but this one is competing at a different race altogether. It’s in a different weight class too, the bass grinds underneath and the always precise stabs of melody in the riffs are even more puncturing than normal. The lead work of Mr Ryan Knight is full of delightful flourishes and flailing string shredding also, which I couldn’t quite say for the first track released.

I can’t fault this band at all. I may be guilty of being biased but suck it, this is my favourite band ever and they keep putting out bangers. I see no reason to try and be impartial when it’s obvious that this album will be on year end lists all over the place. Metalhead, grinder, prog wizard or scenekid… Everyone enjoys this band’s monstrous, catchy antics. Abysmal is out on September 18th (why not sooner Metal Blade? Why not sooner?) and you and I will grab our preorders here.


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