TesseracT are ready to drop their third full-length and second album with debut vocalist Daniel Tompkins. Slated for a September 18th, 2015 release via Kscope, the ambient progressive/djent band are bringing you the very first taste of the record via a short teaser, which can be found below.


From what we can hear in the short 1:19 clip, it sounds like classic TesseracT in sound, crafting an air of mystery with their echoed guitars and subtle keyboard work. It seems like it will be more Altered State than One, but with Tompkins back on the team, it may be a solid mix of both.

But. That. Vocal. Swell.

Tompkins sounds as good as ever, his overdubbed voice beginning in his signature softness only to rise to soaring heights and really deliver a powerful punch, as the other instruments culminate around his vocals to aid in the surge.

Hey, it’s not much, but it’s something! TesseracT fans, be sure to give this a listen, as it’s likely all we’re going to get until closer to the end of the month or even mid-August.

TesseracT’s Polaris is out on September 18th of this year via Kscope.



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