Cult of Luna in all their acclaim as one of the greatest touring bands in not only post-metal, but for metal at large (this is an indisputable fact), rarely manage to touch down in North America for an extended stay. Even after slimming down their lineup to five members over the years, I would have to imagine that orchestrating travel, accommodations, and time off work for the entire band often ends up being more trouble than it’s worth. Sure, the band has at this point attained a “legendary” status as a critically-acclaimed band that contributed to the genre as an art form, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s not like the act are a household name yet. And it’s a shame.

Earlier this year, the act tried to make a handful of dates happen, including an appearance at Psycho California festival, but they unfortunately fell through. The band promised to make it up to their starving fans by coming through in September, but I’m not sure I expected anything too exciting; I don’t live in New York, Toronto, or Los Angeles, so I can’t keep my hopes up. It’s not like I blame Cult of Luna for that or anything, as I’m sure they do what they can to play to anyone who wants to hear them. They can’t help that I’m perpetually stuck in B and C markets, and even went as far as to apologize if anyone has taken offense to these limited opportunities. Perhaps being a fan of this style of music fosters a sense of learned helplessness when it comes to actually beholding a performance in person. But then again, anything is possible; I saw the first ever Cloudkicker live show in Columbus, OH last year. Miracles do happen.

Fortunately, the long-awaited Cult of Luna North American tour does have quite a bit of weight to it; nine dates with a revolving door of supporting acts, including Kylesa, Minsk, Subrosa, and Inaeona. Is a six hour drive worth it to see Cult of Luna and any of the pegged openers? I’m leaning towards a yes. Feel my pain — or ecstatic joy if you actually live somewhere — and check out the dates below:

09/01 New York, NY – Gramercy Theater *
09/02 Montreal, QC – Cafe Campus *
09/03 Toronto, ON – Mod Club Theater *
09/04 Chicago, IL – Reggie’s *
09/05 Vancouver, BC – Rickshaw Theater **
09/06 Seattle, WA – Neumos **
09/07 Portland, OR – Star Theater **
09/08 San Feancisco, CA – Slims **
09/09 Santa Ana, CA – Observatory **
* w/ Kylesa and Inaeona
** w/ Minsk and Subrosa



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