Maranatha are a blog favorite around these parts. Their ferocity is only matched by their ability to really drive home their signature groovy, sludgy sound, and their message is clear: they want to be as heavy as heavy can get. The band astounded many of us with their debut EP a few years back, and ever since the band has been putting out killer music. They have a new record titled Filth that will be out July 24th via New American Records, and we’re all really excited about it. We’re also fortunate enough to have a new single for you all to hear, so check out ‘Numb’ below!

If you can’t already tell, this song is heavy as hell. It also features some new blood, as this is the bassist Jack Huston on vocals. According to guitarist/vocalist Collin Simula, he sings on just about half of the record, which will turn out to be cool. The songs really begins to take off in the middle, and features some really sweet guitar parts and some aggressive, almost hardcore-esque vocals which seems like a running theme of their music since the beginning. There’s also that breakdown towards the end which is absolutely menacing. It’s a good mid-pace song for the record, that’s for sure. When two vocalists can trade parts throughout the record, it could be awesome if done correctly. In regards to what this song is about lyric-wise, Huston had this to say:

In keeping with the theme of this record, this song is about the realization that everyone has an ugly side—and recognizing that it’s a road we can all go down if we let ourselves. For me, writing these lyrics was about facing that ugliness head on, painful as that can be, and using that pain as the inspiration to choose better for myself every day.

The album will be out on the 24th, but in the meantime, the band have announced a release show on the 25th of July in Columbus, Ohio with Primitive Man. Preorder it here and stay tuned for a review in the next few weeks!



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