Hydra Kyll are a band that I only recently heard about, but they’re pretty goddamn good. They combine the best aspects of deathcore and metalcore to create one massive sound that’s not only incredibly heavy, but actually has riffs in it. That’s pretty rare for most “core” bands nowadays, who simply rely on breakdowns and lame chugs throughout the entirety of their songs. This band doesn’t settle for the lowest possible bar, and instead try to elevate it. We’re incredibly fortunate to have a full stream of their new EP Timelines, which you can hear below!

There’s a little bit for everyone here: clean vocals, super harsh vocals, some killer and monstrously heavy guitars, and some great ambient sounds created. It’s a really sure sign to see such a young band have their feet firmly planted in the ground; they know what they want to sound like and have ultimately not conformed one bit, and are attempting to stay the course and just make their music, which I always appreciate. Hopefully this won’t be the last time we hear new music from the band, because they have a very bright future ahead of them if they keep this up!

The EP will be available here tomorrow, so pick it up!


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