There’s no question that Thy Art Is Murder have quickly become one of the biggest and most well-respected new bands in the deathcore scene over the past two years. Thanks to their apocalyptic second album Hate and their relentless live show, they’ve won over legions of fans and are only going to become more successful. Fans have been clamoring for their highly-anticipated third LP, Holy War, for ages now. Well, the wait has finally come to an end! The band posted the entire new record on YouTube yesterday, which you can check out below.


While the band hasn’t really taken a step in any new directions, they’re just working within the crushing framework that fans have come to expect over the years, and to great effect. Everything here feels incredibly refined and meticulous, despite every song constantly going for the listener’s throat. There’s a heavy dose of atmosphere, an increased nod to brutal death metal, improved and more decipherable vocals, and enough breakdowns to please any mosh enthusiasts. It’s also the best deathcore album that you’ll hear this year and probably the best album the genre has seen since the late 2000s. If you’re curious to hear what we have to say about the album at length, feel free to check out our review too.

Lucifer, bring us rebirth.


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