Our friends at Noisey were happy to post up the new Author & Punisher album for audiences everywhere, but now we have the express pleasure of bringing it to you here on Heavy Blog is Heavy!

Melk En Honing, the new album by one-man mask-based industrial act Tristan Shone, was warmly received by our own Scott Murphy with a 3.5/5 score.

Shone lives in a deranged world of masks, which we have previously touched upon, and Melk En Honing is no exception. Grab the stream below the cut!

We had previously interviewed Shone about his wild music (and we’re due for an update with Melk En Honing‘s release) about the creation of his instruments, creating on the fly, and more!

Melk En Honing is due out on June 30th, 2015 via Housecore Records. You can pre-order the album in various bundles through the official web store.



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