A year where Cattle Decapitation are releasing a new album is always going to be a good year. The deathgrind luminaries will release The Anthropecene Extinction this summer and we are salivating at the prospect of enjoying new Cattle material. One of the tracks that did not make it onto the final cut of the album, “Cannibalistic Invasivorism”, is streaming over at MetalSucks as part of the Decibel Flexi series. It’s not often we get to hear a “bonus track” before an album has even been released so get over the jump and curse humanity for all of it’s misdeeds. 

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/210933122″]

Apparently “Cannibalistic Invasivorism” didn’t quite fit the flow the rest of the album, according to Travis Ryan. If a track as punishing and twisted as this can’t make it onto the album then the material that makes up The Anthropocene Extinction must be absolutely killer. More of an all out barn burner than some of the band’s more diverse material, the track blasts for four minutes with very little reprieve. The harmonizing guitar leads near the end are as menacing as anything you’ll hear this year. We’ve already heard the opening track to the album and now, after hearing a track deemed not good enough for the release, it’s pant wettingly obvious that this album is going to rip, slay and terrorize listeners.

Preorders for The Anthropocene Extinction are available here. Cattle Decapitation will be playing on this years Summer Slaughter tour also. Don’t be a pleb. Go see them.



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