Rosetta are getting ready to release their upcoming record Quintessential Ephemera, an album which will surely push the band’s name further out into the open. In my review, I described the album as something that will eventually go down as a classic, and become one of the more important metal albums released in the last decade or so. Now the band has another song streaming over at Metalsucks, and it’s just as good as the first few they’ve released so far.

[via Metalsucks]

“Untitled III” is definitely one of the album’s highlights, and surely will make for a fantastic live performance, particularly with their new guitarist Eric Jernigan. I am incredibly excited for the masses to finally hear this album for two reasons: first, because it’s just absolutely spectacular and unrelenting in its goal to be the most positive, emotional record the band has released. Second, because I know the band are even more excited than I am. I can guarantee if you were a fan before, you’ll show this new record to everyone, and if you weren’t a fan before, this record should make a damn good case for you to become one.

The new album comes out on June 28th, so it’s almost here!



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