Surprise! “Famine Wolf,” a third single from progressive metal institution Between the Buried and Me‘s upcoming album Coma Ecliptic, has been made available for purchase on iTunes. The near seven minute track continues in the new direction hinted at in all the new material heard so far; the song predominately features clean vocals and a very prog-rock oriented (and at times, theatrical) sound. As far as we’re concerned, we’re three-for-three on Coma Ecliptic‘s status as potential opus for the group.

“Famine Wolf” is currently available for download via iTunes behind a $1.29 price tag. At the time of this original posting, the song had been released with no promotion from the band or Metal Blade Records for up to twelve hours, as discovered by Reddit user mickquinn89. Those that pre-ordered got the notification, giving those who already dropped the cash first dibs on new music. A+ incentive, MetalBlade.

However, the track is now available for streaming over at Metal Injection, so you can get a glimpse at your probably Album of the Year without dropping any money just yet. If you like what you hear, pre-order via iTunes or IndieMerch. As if you weren’t already counting the days (30 days exactly), Coma Ecliptic is due out July 10th.




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