While A Life Once Lost may no longer be a thing (I’m nearly over their breakup, nearly), guitarist Doug Sabolick is keeping the jams flowing with his new musical endeavor Ecstatic Vision. The thick, belching riffs and sandpaper rough vocals are no longer his forté however, as evidenced on “Astral Plane”. The newest track to be released from the upcoming Relapse release, Sonic Praise, is a twelve minute dive into psychedelic, bleary eyed shaman song. Sit back, clear your mind and get on over the metaphysical jump to enjoy this hearty dose of hallucinogenic harmony.

First heard over at Stereogum, “Astral Plane” really is a trip. The guitars are like lasers shooting out of the corners of your vision, creating sound along their path for you to experience on more than level at a time. There’s definitely a guitar lick in there that I recognise from Ecstatic Trance, the last A Life Once lost album that focused heavily on simple rhythms and meandering, spacey guitar lines. It’s nice to see that Sabolick has got to experiment more with a sound that he flirted with a few years ago. All in all, for twelve minutes you can close your eyes and take yourself out of the world for a minute. I’m not even high right now but I feel like I could actually fly if I concentrated hard enough.

Sonic Praise hits shelves on June 30th and you can scope it here.


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