Even though they’ve been a band since 1998, Madrid’s technical and brutal death metal powerhouse Wormed only have two albums to their name. Granted, Planisphaerium and Exodromos were both insanely advanced for their time and have helped propel the limits of extremity within death metal, but it would sure be nice to have some more material from such an excellent band. Luckily, it looks like fans won’t have to wait another decade for the band to work on new material, and in fact, they’re in the studio right now! The band has been recording at Sadman Studios in Madrid on their yet-to-be-named third LP and will be releasing it on Season of Mist, which will be their first time putting something out on this label.

Wormed wanted us to know this hilarious tidbit of information about the upcoming material:

The material we are recording for our new album can be described as an epic and super massive attack of nano-machines, molecular blast beats in warp drive, riffing algorithms from the pulsar and non-organic voices from galaxy’s central black hole, closing the trilogy. A prequel that reveals the events leading up to Krighsu’s mission. Prepare your brain structures for one of the most extreme acoustic passages ever written by Wormed. Will your human neurons withstand the pressure?

Well, that was certainly a mouthful. Not sure whether to laugh hysterically or get incredibly stoked for some ultra-brutal death metal? We recommend both. In the meantime, keep yourself occupied with their back catalog.




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