No-Consequence-2015Basick representatives No Consequence are new to me but on the back of the release of their new video for “Speechless”, I should really have been paying them more attention. Strike that up to too much great music coming out over the last year or so. The English progressive metal group just dropped the shiniest new video you’ve seen this year and it comes along with a groovy as hell tune too. Get it after the jump.


“Speechless” has the band utilizing their unique voice to the utmost degree. Metal Hammer premiered this belter, absolutely rammed with titanic grooves and some vocal hooks that, in my honest and misguided opinion, knock the likes of Spencer Sotelo off of his gilded chariot. This particular area of metal is definitely not my forté as I usually leave it to some of the folk here who have slightly less grotesque taste but I’m super excited for this release. Basick have already released my favorite album of the year so far and if they keep on feeding us, the thirsty public, then I won’t be leaving their table any time soon.

No Consequence release VIMANA on June 8th. If you are wise you’ll head over here to get a preorder in.



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