So I have this friend named Graham. Graham is a wonderful, wonderful guy. He’s always super content, mellow, and chill, no matter the situation. He’s the nicest dude I know — polite, calm, and willing to listen. He’s engaged with everyone, exuberant, and, I must add again, super, super chill. To quote my dad, “the guy just exudes an aura of satisfaction.” Why do I bring Graham up in an article about instrumental prog-rock group CHON? No, he’s not a member. I bring him up because although he is one of the most relaxed people I know, he has nothing on any of the dudes in CHON.


Watching the new video for a song off of their newest record, “Splash”, it becomes clear that even though they’re master shredders, CHON is a group of four incredibly relaxed guys. Seriously- this video makes me just want to spend a day chilling with CHON in the backyard, vibing to some tunes and barbecuing.

The way they seem to have so much fun in this video is unprecedented, especially for a band on Sumerian Records (not a dig against the label, just saying that they aren’t exactly known for their ‘fun’ bands). You can tell, watching it, that they’re just having a blast laying down this little jam from their newest album and chilling in a park. And who can blame them? It looks like a great time.

– SH

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