Norway’s Borknagar have tapped original vocalist Kristoffer Rygg (better known as Garm from Ulver) to sing on two tracks from their forthcoming release, as yet untitled and due in the fall via Century Media. It is slated to be mixed in June by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studio, and will also feature vocals from ICS Vortex, Vintersorg, and Lazare. Rygg performs lead vocals for a song called “Winter Thrice”, and does additional vocals for another track called “Terminus”. Head on over the jump for more information on the recording process!

The band also reported from Toproom Studios in Norway today via their Facebook page, indicating that most of the guitars for the album are finished. They had keyboardist Lars Nedland (Solefald) in tow to track some vocals, and reported that Vintersorg had sent some vocal files over. A busy week for the band indeed. Stay tuned for further information regarding album title, completion, and perhaps even some music as we get nearer to the release!


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