Recently, we let you in on a little secret, namely the excellence of a band called Of Modern Architecture. It seems our timing was impeccable as always, as the band have, just this week, released a bass playthrough for one of my favorite tracks, ‘Mountains‘. This video comes straight from tracking the album and provides an intriguing insight into the process. Head on over the jump to check it out!


I’m really glad they chose this track, seeing as its most influenced by post metal and stoner. The entire thing is damn impressive but a few highlights come to mind: from around the three minute mark all the way to four and a half, we can see some impressive rhythm work. Right after that, the slapping technique is brilliantly used, creating that thick sound we like.

While the clip itself is amateurishly shot, it only makes it more endearing. The all around effect is of a true glimpse into the process behind making this exquisite album and all the hard work it entailed. We hope more of these are forthcoming, as each one will bring us closer to this unique creation. Stay tuned!



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