Weedeater Backstage, NYC

For the unaware, the stoner sludge metal giants in Weedeater are putting out a new album, Goliathan, this year, to follow up their 2011 dope opus (dopus?), Jason… The Dragon. They’ve just released the third track from the album, and it’s a short-but-sweet doozy of a track.

‘Bully’, is the shortest non-intro/outro, non-interlude track that the band has put out. Clocking in at one minute, forty-seven seconds, the song is a tiny little ditty, but still packed full of the typical Weedeater style: no-bullshit sludge metal that strikes hard and repeatedly, knocking you on your butt over and over again with every riff.

The track is fast, pummeling, and laced with bizarre cackles and the unmistakable raspy growls/wheezes of vocalist and bassist Dixie Dave. Starting off at a gallop that’s almost reminiscent of some weird sort of fuzzed-out punk, the song eventually slows down into a heavy, bluesy grooves typical of the band’s style, and pulls all the stops with a strikingly powerful breakdown near the end. ‘Bully’, indeed. This song will kick you to the ground and then hit you over and over again while you’re down.

Goliathan comes out May 19th via Season Of Mist. Listen to the track here, as it premiered at NPR of all places.


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