PHOTOS: Testament, Exodus, Nuclear Assault, Nails, Incantation, Vital Remains, Thy Will Be Done, Rivers of Nihil, Disgrace, Allegaeon—April 18th @ New England Metal & Hardcore Festival XVII, The Palladium, Worcester, MA

We’re back with a second round of photos from the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival XVII! Check behind the cut for a rundown from photographer Mark Valentino and,

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We’re back with a second round of photos from the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival XVII! Check behind the cut for a rundown from photographer Mark Valentino and, of course, the beautiful photos!

April 18th, the second day of NEMHF, Allegaeon took the main stage, a technical death metal band from Denver. Although they had a short 20 minute set, they managed to kill it as usual. After Allegaeon, at the upstairs stage was Disgrace, a hardcore side project of Taylor Young (Nails, Twitching Tongues) from Los Angeles, California. Even though they’re not as heavy or fast as Nails or Twitching Tongues, they still put on a good show. Following Disgrace back at the main stage was Rivers Of Nihil, a blackened death metal band from Pennsylvania/Long Island. Their debut full length album, The Conscious Seed of Light, came out in 2013 and it is quite a timeless record. Be on the lookout for album number two later this year.

Next up was Thy Will Be Done, a heavy metal band from Providence, Rhode Island. Pretty great act to see if you’re into right-in-your-face kind of music. After getting some air for a little while after Thy Will Be Done, Vital Remains, a fellow Providence black/death metal band, was on the schedule after. If you’re into Satan and ripping out pages from Bibles, this band is for you. Incantation, a doom/death metal band from Johnstown, Pennsylvania was up next. They’re one of the forefronts of the New York death metal scene, even though they’re currently located in Pennsylvania. Following Incantation was Nails, a metal/hardcore/powerviolence band from Los Angeles, California. Whether they perform on a small stage (if you were at their show in Brooklyn, NYC at Saint Vitus last month, you’d know) or a big stage, they will still own that stage and put on one of the best performances. Highly recommend that everyone should see them whenever they have the chance to, considering Nails don’t really tour that much.

For the last three bands, it was nothing but thrash, which isn’t a bad thing. First up was Nuclear Assault, a thrash metal band from New York City. Nuclear Assault is the brainchild of former Anthrax bassist Dan Lilker who left in 1984. Sadly, this was their final New England show. Following Nuclear Assault was Exodus, the legendary thrash metal band from Richmond, California. Regardless of their numerous lineup changes they’ve had over the last 35 years, they still manage to perform as if they’re in their 20s. Take Gary Holt for example, being one of the semi-original members; he still runs from side to side of the stage like it’s nothing, putting on an excellent performance show after show. Concluding the death and thrash metal portion of New England Metal and Hardcore Fest was thrash metal overlords Testament. Their elaborate stage props were a cool addition to the show. Ancient Mayan-esque stairs leading up to the drum kit, two skulls with glowing red eyes on two pillars, a giant backdrop of an ancient city, and more really filled out the lyrical themes from vocalist Chuck Billy.

That wraps it up for Day 2 and my overall first experience of New England Metal and Hardcore Festival, so please enjoy the rest of photos below, and I’ll see you next year! We will not be back with shots for the third day, as I was not able to attend, but we will be back with more bands next year!



Rivers of Nihil

Thy Will Be Done

Vital Remains



Nuclear Assault



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Mark Valentino

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