Cobalt are a band that hardly gets mentioned around these parts. The relative obscurity of not only the band, but its members, have lead me to believe that they just like their privacy. However, it has been six long years since their last release, the monstrosity that was Gin, and quite frankly I’ve thought the band were defunct. However, the dudes over at Metalsucks reached out to founder Erik Wunder about what has been going on, and he answered a ton of questions. Check it out below!

Basically, if you head here, you’ll read the entire interview, and you’ll come to find that Wunder is working on new material for the new album (which is titled Slow Forever) with a new vocalist and wants to get this music out. It’s good to hear, because Gin was a masterpiece, and it would have been a shame if the band disappeared into obscurity forever without even a goodbye. But the band is still alive, and Wunder still wants to let the world see the newest Cobalt masterpiece, which according to Wunder, is around 70+ minutes and nine songs long. Hell yeah.

We’ll update you with more info as it comes in, but in the meantime, stream Gin below!



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