While we were gone over the weekend, it looks like Periphery is back with their second music video in support of their incredible double album, Juggernaut. Their last video for “Alpha” was probably their most ambitious to date, featuring both amazing visual effects and quite a tripped-out storyline. Is the band going back for more of that to help tie the grandiose story of the album together? Find out after the jump!


Well, not exactly. Not even at all, actually. “The Bad Thing” is just a live performance video and nothing more. A very, very well shot and edited one, mind you! While many fans may have been anticipating something a little more as far as plot development goes, for now you’ll just have to be content with a look into Periphery’s increasingly tight live performances and intense light show that they’ve put together for this album cycle. The guys are just about to be on the road with In Flames and All That Remains, so make sure to check and see if they’ll be in your area. Songs like these are not to be missed.


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