Last year, I was completely blind-sided by gates‘s Bloom & Breathe. Leading up to the release, I knew that the album would be good but it was a complete surprise when it was one of the best albums of that year. Melding beautiful post-rock touches with hardcore sensibilities, it was one of the most emotional and rewarding albums of 2014. The band are now back with a video for one of the best tracks off that album, ‘Low’. Head on over the jump to catch a glimpse!


The video itself is straight-forward enough, using the album cover aesthetics to inform its visual aspects. However, I think that’s a good choice for this band and track, as it re-focuses the piece on the music and its emotional weight. The faint post-rock picking near the end of the track really blend well with the white background and the dreamy sun-through-leaves effects on the band. Needless to say, I hope many more videos get released for this masterpiece. Stay tuned!


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