weedeater goliathan

Okay, y’all should know the drill with Weedeater by now. They start off with a disgustingly heavy, pounding, groovy guitar riff, fuzzed to all hell, and they repeat it. And they repeat it. And they repeat it. And they repeat it. Maybe it’s one riff for the whole song. Sometimes, if the band is feeling particularly saucy, it’s two riffs. Either way, it’s safe to say that Weedeater has their bluesy stoner sludge metal formula down, and they absolutely excel at it.

Listening to a Weedeater song is an adventure in the same way listening to a song by Sleep or Bongripper is an adventure- you know exactly what to expect, and it’s never disappointing. By that token, I hypothesize the new album from them dropping this year, Goliathan, will probably be good. And the new single, ‘Claws of the Sloth’, following up the first song ‘Cain Enabler‘, is only serving to prove my hypothesis.

The thick grooves pound into your head and have you nodding along in moments. The drums keep a solid-yet-plodding pace that push the whole thing forward like an engine of destruction. This, make no mistake, is a typical juggernaut of a Weedeater track.

Listen to the new track, which premiered through Lambgoat, hereGoliathan comes out on May 19th, via Season Of Mist. Pre-orders are available at this location.

– SH

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