weedeater goliathan

Purveyors of southern stoner sludge, Weedeater, are back at it again with a new track, ‘Cain Enabler,’ from their upcoming record, Goliathan. Weedeater’s been around for a while, and they’ve been silent on the sonic front since their 2012 LP, And Justice For Y’all. Now, ready to embark on a new tour across the US, they’ve released a new single to titillate the ears and excite anyone coming to see them live.

A hazy trail of bluesy fuzz worms its way through the track as raspy, smoky vocals scratch like nails on a chalkboard. The thrumming starts and it sucks the listener in quickly, building onto the riffs until a sonic wall surrounds and threatens to suffocate. The single riff that runs through most of the track will easily get stuck in your head and have you nodding along for the whole duration. To quote a friend, “it sounds like every other Weedeater song, so it’s really good.”

Goliathan should be out sometime in May.  Listen to the track here.



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