Gojira are a band that many associate with killer death metal that has tinges of groove from the likes of Pantera and Machine Head. Their signature sound is recognizable by many and applauded by even more. The band’s last album,L’Enfant Sauvage, was a massive success, and saw the band delve into some slower, more groove-oriented territory as opposed to earlier works. While it may have been a little different, the Gojira signature sound was still there. Now, the band have some great news for us: they’re beginning work on their next album, and in the band’s own studio to boot!

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Joe is a fantastic guitarist, and so I’m sure this studio will produce quality music. Also, the drums on the above video could be indicative of new music, and if so, I can already tell the album is going to rule, because that groove is so heavy. Be on the lookout for more news as it comes in! In the meantime, revisit their last album below!


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