Spanish technical metalcore act The Raven Autarchy have announced the title, release date and tracklist of their new album, entitled The Obscene Deliverance. The follow up to 2013’s excellent Kaonashi, The Raven Autarchy are an up and coming act that are definitely one to follow if you like technical metal in the vein of Within the Ruins or After The Burial. Head on over the jump for the trailer to the new album and a new track!


Along with the album title, preorders (Physical and Digital) and a release date of April 30th have been announced. Keep an eye on the band’s Facebook page and on Heavy Blog, as several of us were big fans of Kaonashi, so a review is all but guaranteed. If the previous album is any indication, we should be looking at a big, techy celebration of metal. It certainly seems to be the case, judging by the new single released last night. Check it out below!




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