I think Nirvana are highly overrated. They had one good song (‘All Apologies’) and I think the rest is just pure garbage that really has no sense being as heralded as it is. While I understand that the band helped pioneer a movement with the whole grunge scene, I just think there’s countless other bands that should receive more praise (Alice In Chains, particularly). But I digress. Anyways, a BUNCH of great bands are all collaborating for a Nirvana tribute album, and I might actually listen to it, largely due to its all-star lineup that consists of Boris, La Dispute, Touche Amore, and many more. Check it below!

Check it out right here. Like I said, this might be pretty cool, especially because Nirvana is not actually playing their own songs. It’s an interesting experiment in what grunge means to modern bands today, undoubtedly an important resting point in the progression of rock in the 90’s.

If you want to buy it, head to the link!


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