During the tail end of 2014, Deftones/Death Grips supergroup Team Sleep took to the studio to begin recording their upcoming album, the title of which has yet to be determined. With a proposed 2015 release date, fans have begun to speculate as to when we can expect this record to drop. Amidst confirmation of the band returning to the studio later this month, it doesn’t seem likely that we can expect a finished product anytime soon. However, as a consolation prize, the band have released a series of teasers in the form of various social media posts over the past few weeks, the most notable of which comes in the form of a two minute long video released recently by guitarist Todd Wilkinson. Creep it after the jump.

Seriously pretty stuff! While a 2015 release date seems promising, fans shouldn’t get their hopes set too high in terms of getting to hear the new material live, at least anytime soon. Said vocalist Chino Moreno in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, “I’m not really too interested in starting another touring cycle and doing all the stuff to try and sell and market the record. I feel like the music has this timeless quality to it. I’d love to just put it out and have it be on some legacy shit; just let it do what it does.”

If the rest of the record sounds half as dreamy as this teaser vid, that’s a trade-off I’m quite okay with. Stay tuned for more updates from Team Sleep as they finish up in the studio over the coming weeks!



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