There are many things to be said about one man projects but freedom is without a doubt one of their strengths. The Misanthrope‘s new EP, The Plummet, is a prime example of that fact. Seeing release today, it is a tribute to a fact I like to point out time and again: genres are tools. If you’re expecting anything like the last album from the project, you’re going to be surprised. Where last we heard djent, breakcore and technical renditions, the creation that sits before us is a somber mix between post rock and doom. Enough words; head on over the jump for the full stream.


Simply put, this album is fantastic. Contained within its deceptively short run-time is a dedication to the funeral doom genre, meddled with an alloy of post rock and post metal. Fans of all aspect of said genres can expect to find what they need here: from those (like me) who prefer to break their hearts upon quieter passages, to those who bathe in the heavyness of fuzzy riffs.

I think that what strikes me most about this release is how much is present with its walls. Upon first listens, a haunting feeling of something more crept upon me. Once I dove in a bit more, many things unfolded upon me: hidden cymbals, beguiling quotes of themselves between the tracks and an overall sensation that the album is a breathing, living creature of its own.

Head on over here to snag this release. Heavy Blog is proud to continue to support this singular project and its cross-genre pursuit of great music.



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