Amon Amarth no drummer

Sometimes, no matter how hard it is, no matter the reason, musicians have to leave bands. It happens all the time. It’s unfortunate, but usually (depending on the reasoning of course) it’s for the better. Of course, that doesn’t make it any less sad, especially when it’s someone who’s been a member of the band for almost 2 decades, like, for instance fomer Amon Amarth drummer Fredrik Andersson.

Andersson has been with the band for 17 years now, lending his talents across many albums and a hell of a lot of live performances. He was, in the words of another writer for the blog, “a super solid drummer.”

At the moment, Amon Amarth has announced, there is nobody currently replacing him, although with a new album in the works, it wouldn’t be surprising if they announced their acquisition of a  new drummer, or at the very least a studio drummer, within a relatively short amount of time.



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