The fact that Pyramids were able to solicit the input of renaissance man Colin Marston and Blut Aus Nord mastermind Vindsval after having released only a debut (2008’s Pyramids) is an unquestionably impressive feat. Seven years later, the band have returned with their sophomore album A Northern Meadow, a release that continues the group’s genre agnosticism. Head past the jump to spin the record, which premiered over at Stereogum yesterday:

If nothing else, A Northern Meadow is at least an intriguing experience. Elements of black metal’s ethereal elements add some foundational effects to each track, which comes as no surprise considering Vindsval’s work in BAN and Marston’s background with Krallice. But more interesting additions enter the fold as well, at times conjuring up a clash between Godflesh and Jesu with a leaning towards the latter. And then above it all soars angelic clean vocals reminiscent enough of Thom Yorke to justify the frequent comparisons Radiohead that Pyramids receive. There is surely enough in the above description to warrant a listen for most experimental music fans, and if curiosity turns to infatuation,  A Northern Meadow can be purchased through Profound Lore on March 17th.



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