The “Bring Your Tissues” Tour: Gates, Loma Prieta And Pianos Become The Teeth To Hit The Road

gates and Pianos Become the Teeth released some of our favorite albums last year which is why, when it was announced yesterday, we were very happy to hear of their plans to tour together very soon. Both bands deliver an emotional barrage that should be quite engaging live. Even though they take very different approaches to their song structure and writing, there’s something about this tour which just makes sense. Add the name of Loma Prieta, which I’ve been hearing more and more lately, and you’ve got yourself something interesting! Head on over the jump for the dates!


Sorry for the resolution there, dear readers, but the bands haven’t released a list of dates and I need my eyes for other things, like seeing. Ticket sales go live on March 6th, so I’m sure a full list will go live closer to that time. I urge you to go and check out these guys in my stead, don’t let me down!



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