Releasing through Video On Demand services on April 3rd, 2015, Metalhead is an Icelandic drama that centers on a young lady who impassions herself to metal music after witnessing the death of her brother and deepens her relationship with the oft-scorned style despite facing alienation from her family and community.

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Boasting a soundtrack of ‘80s/‘90s headbanging classics, Icelandic director Ragnar Bragason’s intense drama Metalhead will be available On Demand starting April 3. Distributed by Cinelicious Pics, the VOD release will arrive shortly after a handful of special screenings being held nationwide, including at New York’s Cinema Village (March 20 – 26) and Los Angeles’ Laemmle NoHo 7 (March 27 – April 2) along with Seattle’s SIFF Uptown Theatre (Feb. 27 – March 1) and Portland’s Hollywood Theatre (April 10 – 16). The movie will be shown in eight cities (with more to be announced soon) and a full list of screenings can be found below.

Fueled by a remarkable breakout performance by actress Thora Bjorg Helga, Bragason’s drama of loss, faith, redemption, and heavy metal begins with a farming accident in the 1980’s that sends a young girl named Hera and her parents into a tail-spin of grief over the death of her heavy metal music-obsessed older brother. A decade later, Hera is transformed into a surly headbanger, dressed in black leather and a Slayer t-shirt, clutching her dead brother’s electric guitar as she howls anthems of rage to a barn full of cows. Seemingly trapped in a haunted landscape of slaughterhouses and barren winter fields, making all the wrong choices in her life, Hera slowly and painfully comes to terms with her family’s loss and the sound of her own true voice.

Decibel Magazine premiered a scene from the film where Hera watches a newscast about the extreme nature of black metal and its connections to the Norwegian church burnings in the 1990s. “That scene is basically an exact copy of my life,” Bragason recalled during an interview with Noisey about the scene, which serves as a pivotal moment in this female headbanger’s life.

Watch the scene here:

Metalhead was the winner of 8 awards at the 2014 Icelandic Film Awards (including Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor & Actress, and Original Score by noted Icelandic musician Petur Ben). It received rave reviews during the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival, as well as during a special screening held at the 2014 CMJ Music Marathon in New York. “Metalhead is a very personal piece of my filmography,” declares Bragason. “It grew out of my collective love for film and Metal music, which was something I grew up listening to and has been a lifelong passion of mine. I sincerely hope that the U.S audience, both fans of film and music can find in it something to love and identify with.”

Watch a trailer for Metalhead here:

View stills from Metalhead here:

Dates for upcoming screenings of Metalhead:

  • 02/14 – Lowell, MA @ Luna Theater
  • 02/22 – 02/23 – Philadelphia, PA @ PhilaMOCA
  • 02/27 – 03/01 – Seattle, WA @ SIFF Uptown
  • 02/27 – 03/05 – Grand Rapids, MI @ Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts
  • 03/18 – 03/20 – New York, NY @ Scandinavia House / New Nordic Cinema
  • 03/20 – 03/26 – New York, NY @ Cinema Village
  • 03/27 – 04/02 – Los Angeles, CA @ Laemmle NoHo 7
  • 04/10 – 04/16 – Portland, OR @ Hollywood Theatre
  • 04/27 – Pleasantville, NY @ Jacob Burns Film Center

From the trailer alone, the film certainly seems interesting! Plus, all the accolades accredited to it are intriguing, to say the least. We should have a full review of the film in the near future.


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