Sorry, couldn’t resist that title. Jokes aside, Within the Ruins recently managed to flip their van and trailer three times (!!!) only to walk out unscathed themselves, for which we are deeply grateful. However, the icy roads harvested their bloody toll among their gears: everything from transportation to instruments is in bits and pieces. Head on over the jump to learn how you can help!

Here’s the band’s complete statement, including a handful link at the bottom:

“Massachusetts Metal act WITHIN THE RUINS flipped their van and trailer off an interstate in Pennsylvania yesterday afternoon. While no one was hurt, their van, trailer and gear were completely destroyed. “We rolled about three times from what I can remember and landed on the median. Our van and trailer are totaled.” says guitarist Joe Cocchi.

The band had set sail from their hometown in MA on their way to California to begin a month-long tour with SUICIDE SILENCE alongside label-mates FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY. Despite the near death experience and loss of gear, the band will push on and make the third show scheduled at El Corazon on Friday, February 20th in Seattle. Cocchi continues, “All I can say is that we’re happy to be alive. I don’t know how, but none of us were injured. We’re on the road touring because this is all we know and love, and we want to continue. Help us get back on our feet by picking up a shirt. Thank you all for the continued support.”

The band has set up a GoFundMe page to make up some of gear lost in the wreckage. http://www.gofundme.com/withintheruins.”

OK gang, you know what to do! Give what you can, when you can and let’s show these gentlemen how the community takes care of their own. Judging from past case, I’m sure it will pull through once again to get these guys back on the road! Be careful out there folks; Father Winter is hungry.



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