I’m sorry but I didn’t have a choice as far as the title goes. It’s just the way it is: the band’s last album was pretty amazing and they sound so good live! It just goes to show that you can write this band off as over the top, ridiculous or outdated but at the end of the day, they’re extremely talented musicians who love making music. It doesn’t hurt that their crowd for this show is amazingly pumped. Head on below to share in the energy!


‘Three Hammers’ is one of the best tracks on Maximum Overload and that’s saying quite a bit. Apparently, this is all part of a live DVD the band are planning to release of this show, on July 14th, titled In The Line of Fire. If all the performances are this good, I am decidedly excited for it. The band are sure to release more tidbits from it so we’ll make sure to keep you posted.



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