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Granted, it’s not news in the slightest that highly influential and (fairly) recently re-formed rock band Faith No More would be releasing a new album in 2015. However, it’s beginning to get very real, really quickly. The band have announced that they will be releasing their hotly anticipated comeback Sol Invictus on May 19th through their very own Reclamation Records/Ipecac Recordings.

Not much else is known at the time being — we’re still waiting on tracklist and album art. However, any news is good news, and we didn’t expect to get an album title and release date this soon.

Bassist and Sol Invictus producer Billy Gould recently said of the album:

“What I can say is that I think through our experience as musicians over the years, I think what we’re doing reflects where we’ve gone since we made our last record as Faith No More. I think this kicks things up a notch. And I think there’s parts that are very powerful and there’s parts that have a lot of “space.” Everything we do, with our chemistry, the way we play; it’s always going to sound like us. It’s just what we do, that makes us feel good. “

It’s easy to get excited, but it’s important to manage expectations. Faith No More might as well be an entirely different band than the dudes who released their last album Album of the Year, and from what I gather, the community seems a little divided on the album’s single, ‘Motherfucker.’


Of course, judging a Faith No More album on one song is perhaps the dumbest thing anyone could ever do. A second single, ‘Superhero‘ is on the horizon for a March 31st digital release. Let’s wait and see how this plays out and try not to fangirl too hard in the mean time.

Typically, I would leave you with a list of tour dates for the band’s upcoming North American trek, but evidently they’ve all sold out the instant they’ve gone on sale, so it doesn’t matter. Fingers crossed that with Sol Invictus and the proven high demand will cause the band to tour more extensively later this year.

– JR


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