Periphery Alpha Video

Periphery have dropped their highly anticipated albums Juggernaut: Alpha and Juggernaut: Omega for all of the world to hear, so the next logical step was to release a music video. They decided to use the title track from the first album in the two-part series, ‘Alpha.’ Considering that it’s my favorite track from the two releases, I’m not complaining. It also has a life-changing concept behind it. Make sure to check it out after the jump.


Wasn’t trying to be hyperbolic with that “life-changing concept” bit, as this video centers around a man altering the course of his miserable life due to exposure to a video game called Rainbow Gravity, which is of course named after one of the tracks from Juggernaut: Alpha. The video also references the band several times through merchandise worn by characters, posters on the wall of the main character and even goes as far as to put it in the same universe as the music video for ‘Scarlet’ through the wonders of CGI. If you needed help turning your life around, video games and Periphery may be able to help.

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