S2tN EP1

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Heavy Blog is branching out! We’ve already brought you plenty of awesome content through our YouTube channel but we’re planning to do a lot more with it this year. The first step in that is Soundtrack to the Night- a bi-monthly video-blog thing where yours truly shares a playlist with you. These playlists were compiled by staff members, friends of the blog and even musicians from the scene. Head on over the jump for the first episode!


The idea is this: you read reviews on the site that analyze, contextualize and all together break apart albums. Sometimes though, you just want to know which albums work well together on an emotional level or what soundtracks make sense for extended listens. This is the place for that. As I explain in the first episode, I’ll be sharing my feelings and sensations rather than critical opinions, aiming for a more immediate connection based on listen-ability, fun and cohesion as a playlist. I loved all the albums this week but I definitely don’t plan to review only stuff I like: I’ll also tell you what to avoid and what just didn’t work for me.

In our inaugural episode, I discuss the following albums (linked to formal reviews from us where applicable if you wish to read further):

  1. Godspeed You! Black Emperor F# A# ∞
  2. Bispora – The Pineal Chronicles
  3. SunnO))) – Black One
  4. Earth – Hibernaculum
  5. Clutch – Earth Rocker
  6. Wormed – Exodromos

As this is a new thing, we’re hungry for feedback! Sound off below. You can even suggest you’re own playlists and I’ll pick some of them for future review. As always, we love you all and we’re excited to bring you new content!



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