Wormed - ExodromosWormed


01. Nucleon
02. The Nonlocality Trilemma
03. Tautochrone
04. Solar Neutrinos
05. Multivectorial Reionization
06. Spacetime Ekleipsis Vorticity
07. Darkflow Quadrivium
08. Stellar Depopulation
09. Techkinox Wormhole
10. Xenoverse Discharger


Even though they sound like they come from the eleventh dimension, Wormed are actually from Spain. Their over-the-top brand of experimental brutal death metal is instantly recognizable even though they’ve only released one album and one EP. They’ve still managed to build a devoted fanbase, and their sophomore album Exodromos has been on the radar for extreme metal enthusiasts for a while.

Well, at least one thing is as expected: the album is extremely brutal. Interestingly enough, Exodromos is slightly less brutal than Wormed’s previous work at first glance, but it’s actually not that simple. Their previous releases were a non-stop assault of ridiculously extreme riffs that became indistinguishable after a while because they saturated the listener. By scaling the riffs back a bit, Wormed have actually made each note stand out more, and this makes them somehow even more brutal than before. That being said, the riffs are still very alien and original.

Interestingly, the hard-hitting nature of the riffs, their unique sound, and the increased clarity makes every song quite memorable. A typical pitfall of brutal death metal is the aforementioned listener over-saturation to the point of fatigue. An hour of constant riffing doesn’t always lend itself to memorable moments. Fear not, though, because Wormed are masters of their craft, and each song in Exodromos has hooks, riffs that stick in one’s head, and clear themes. The fact that they have managed to do this while still being more brutal than pretty much every band out there is a testament to their skill.

The production is another interesting aspect of this album. The guitar tone is very modern, but it doesn’t fall into the typical trappings of modern metal production. It’s heavy, crisp and fulfilling. The vocals are as unhuman as ever, providing a guttural texture on top of the guitars. The drum tone is also punchy and it allows for quite a bit of articulation — which is unusual for death metal nowadays — and that leads to some of the more memorable moments on the album being enhanced by interesting drum licks.

Overall, Exodromos is a ridiculously brutal album that also manages to be mind-blowingly unique. Wormed have crafted some of the most alien yet memorable riffs ever, and strung them together to create a stellar album full of masterful songs. Exodromos is clearly one of the best extreme metal releases of the past few years, and a must-listen.

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