Alright folks, you already know what this is about: Periphery, one of the most vocal bands in recent years, are finally nearing release of their epic Juggernaut. Prior to its release, in good modern-day fashion, the band are streaming the album in two beats; one for Alpha, already on the air since yesterday, and now for Omega as well, the closer to the double album. Head on over the jump and bring ear plugs: this is their heaviest work yet.


You might know that I’m not the biggest Periphery fan out there but I must say that Juggernaut is simply brilliant. A lot of the reason for that is on Omega, with tracks like ‘Priestess’ and ‘Hell Below’ displaying the amazing compositional range these guys are capable of. Dive into the second part of Juggernaut for more catchy hooks but most of all an excellent and heavy performance from all parts of the band. Consider me converted.


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