Deftones Eros Studio

While it’s only been just over two years since the release of Koi No Yokan, Sacramento’s alt-metal giants Deftones seem to be gearing up for their upcoming, untitled eighth album. The band has been slowly leaking out pictures of their practice space since last fall, along with a few brief videos of riff ideas. It’s helped generate a lot of hype, and now there’s more leaked footage of the band’s lost record Eros, which was recorded with the late bassist Chi Cheng.


Sure, it doesn’t appear to be a fully-developed song, but it sure is quite an excellent groove with plenty of the band’s trademark creepy ambience. The band still hasn’t been entirely clear on when Eros will see the light of day (or if it ever will) but it definitely seems like a more than worthy addition to the band’s already celebrated catalog. Here’s hoping 2015 is the year we see a lot more from these guys!




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