In this world, there are labors of love and labors of hate. One of the most shining examples of labors of hate is the 539-page rewrite of Mass Effect 3‘s ending, even going so far as to list fixes throughout the rest of the games to further “complete” them. The butthurt was strong with that dude, even though the piece of fiction acted as some sort of strange and elaborate resume for Bioware, the minds behind the Mass Effect series.

On the other hand, this re-recording of Metallica‘s St. Anger is clearly a labor of love. Seeing the potential in what many people feel was a poorly-recorded effort by the aging musicians (rumored to have a new album in the works for a 2015 release), Daryl G. and Chris D. (from Grace The Skies) and Dave C. (of Adust) took it upon themselves to fully recreate the 2003 album note-for-note.

No solos were added, while the production used here on the re-recording is a bit more modernized (reminiscent of a great deal of djent musicians these days).


Dave from Adjust does an excellent job reproducing a very Hetfield-esque vocal track, while both boys from Grace the Skies manage to meticulously recreate the guitar and bass work in a tight fashion. The only thing truly lacking are the drums, which were purportedly recorded in a six-hour span of time. If they had been given just a bit more time, this could have been basically flawless.

Still, it’s nice to see not everyone hate on St. Anger. It was admittedly a heavily flawed album, but it was an honest effort by the band more than a decade ago.


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