Australian prog rockers Caligula’s Horse are proud to present a brand new music video for “A Gift to Afterthought” from their 2013 release, The Tide, the Thief & River’s End [review].

The video was filmed at The New Globe Theatre in Brisbane, Australia by director Adrian Goleby.

Guitarist Sam Vallen said, regarding the new video, “The mindset of this video was to build the entire production around showing what we do live, down to bringing in our touring lighting and visual technicians and giving them free reign. Probably the most memorable moment was between takes, when everyone was chugging down Red Bull and soaked in sweat, Will Hunter and Eric Jinks (our lighting and visual technicians respectively) cranked Darude’s “Sandstorm” through the PA with a spot-on light show. It was like everyone in the crowd was in on the joke, and the theatre became a dance club for 10 minutes.”




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