This second home of mine that you’ll frequent on a regular basis gave me my first Slice (of) The Cake way back when The Man With No Face reared its pretty head. At the time I was veering sharply from deathcore and anything I deemed similar to it. This changed after repeat listens of the international “bedroom” bands first foray into recorded music. A couple of years (and another solid record) later and I get to announce, on the very same blog that opened my eyes to these guys, that the band have announced the release of their grandest work to date. Get more details after the hop.

Odyssey To The West is the title of what looks like an incredibly well thought and immaculately poured over piece of work. 15 tracks and some pretty heavy themes could put many a naysayer off but this just gets my whistle wet. To lift straight from the bands post on Facebook earlier this week, the album will approach themes including “archetypes, the nature of narrative itself, universal symbolism, spiritual alchemy and recurrence”. Pretty in depth stuff, compared to the normal piss, shit, vinegar and violence that my naive grey matter is normally subjected to.

The album will be released on March 1st and is sure to divide the lovers and haters just as every other album release does these days. I’m excited. I love cake.


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